Validate and Automate
Electronic As-Built Submittals

ACDC manages submitted data, validates its quality against organizational and industry standards and transforms it into geospatial and asset management information. This can be automatically loaded into GIS and CMMS/AMS systems with minimum disruption to current workflows.

Save Time and Improve Data Quality

ACDC saves time and radically improves data quality through pre-submittal self-validation.
ACDC automates the direct loading of spatial
and attribute data using pre-configured or user defined standards. The ACDC portal delivers this functionality online via a browser.

Powered by Microsoft Azure

Backed by Microsoft Azure, ACDC provides leading-edge scalability, maintainability and guaranteed availability of the overall solution.

As Constructed Design Certification Web Portal

Improve Efficiencies, Validate Data 
and Streamline Plan Submittals

Open Spatial provides geospatial engineering solutions for managing spatial data from survey through design, construction and data management. ACDC is a cutting-edge online data validation service, empowering engineers and developers to save time and increase plan submittal efficiencies.