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There’s nothing like instant validation

Improve efficiencies and meet your
customer requirements with Open Spatial’s
online CAD drawing validation portal


The Open Spatial As Constructed Design Certification (ACDC) Portal provides the functionality for the validation of As-Constructed or As-Built CAD drawings, management of As-Built project documentation and the preparation of GIS data from the validated CAD drawing.




The CAD drawing and associated attribute data is validated against published as-built standards, prior to electronic submittal and data acceptance. ACDC radically improves data quality and confidence in your asset information captured from as-built plans.






The ACDC portal functionality provides:

  • A simple, custom and user defined Self-Service ACDC cloud-based website

  • Ability to run a validation of your As-Constructed or As-Built CAD drawings to include required GIS data as per a chosen Standard

  • A downloadable Toolkit comprising of a CAD drawing template, CAD menu’s and predefined required attributes

  • The capability to output the Validated CAD drawing directly to .shp file format, which will be available to download

  • The ability output the Validated Drawing to .dwg format with Object Data, which will be available to download

  • The ability to QA your CAD drawing by allowing multiple uploads of the CAD drawing of the Project to the Portal during the validation process

  • Error markings and required correction messages in the uploaded CAD drawing, for you to download, rectify within CAD and to then re-upload to the Portal for validation

  • For Internal drawing review workflow process between your team members and asset owners

  • Seamless creation of projects, upload, share and deliver as design and as-constructed “Document Sets” as per your customers data requirements standards

  • The ability To support, check and effectively realise the benefits of your chosen Standard in a consistent, automated workflow from specification, through validation and acceptance and into direct data conversion and incorporation into GIS and Asset Management Systems

  • Annual Subscription or “Pay-for-Use” payment structure

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