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Radically improve as-constructed data submittal quality through self-validation


With ACDC you can efficiently validate and transform CAD drawing information stored in "As-Constructed" drawings to GIS and Enterprise Asset Management information without recapturing the data. ​ 

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Get validated GIS data from CAD Drawings automatically

ACDC manages submitted data, validates its quality against organizational and industry standards and transforms it into geospatial and asset management information which can be automatically loaded into GIS and CMMS/AMS systems with minimum disruption to current workflows. ​ ​


Save time and improve data quality 

ACDC saves time and radically improves data quality through self-validation before approval submittal and then automates the direct creation of GIS data and/or loading of spatial and attribute data using pre-configured or user-defined standards. 

  • Near-instant validation

  • Sophisticated validation capabilities

  • Self-validation in the cloud

  • Error reporting feedback for easy error checking and correction

  • CAD to GIS converted automatically

  • Workflow and document management

  • Ability to write directly to GIS

Support for external and internal workflows​ 

If you are a consultant (Surveyor, Contractor, Developer or Engineer) and need to deliver validated CAD drawings and GIS data with attributed data, you can use the ACDC Portal on a per-project basis.   


For Asset Owners, the ACDC platform works both in-house and through the ACDC portal in addition to being integrated with your enterprise GIS and/or CMMS systems directly. ACDC supports workflows for consultant and internal project drawing validations. ​ Learn more about which functionality fits your needs.


Are you a consultant or asset owner?

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