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Work smarter not harder – streamline CAD to quality GIS data for your enterprise

Enable accurate automated CAD data validation to GIS and Asset Management

“Measure twice, cut once” 

or as is possible with ACDC 

“Validate twice, capture ONCE” 


The Open Spatial As Constructed Design Certification (ACDC) solution enables a new level of data validation against published and custom as-built standards, prior to electronic submittal and data acceptance. ACDC radically improves data quality and confidence in your asset information captured from as-built drawings. 


ACDC allows organizations to support, check and effectively realize the benefits of their chosen Standard in a consistent, automated workflow from specification, through validation and acceptance and into direct data conversion and incorporation into GIS and Asset Management Systems. 

  • Organizations easily define and share their standard for as-built drawings and attributes

  • ACDC Portal offers online service and allows external developers to pre-validate digital drawings prior to submission to the organization

  • Automated validation saves time and ensures a consistent industry standard

  • Data entered during design is validated and does not need to be recaptured

  • ACDC provides an automated workflow from specification, through validation and acceptance 

  • Geospatial and asset management information can be automatically loaded into GIS and CMMS/AMS systems

  • Turn-around time can be changed from days to minutes

  • Minimum disruption to current workflows


How to setup ACDC for your enterprise?


  • Organizations define and extend their standard for drawings and attributes based on their internal standards and/or industry standards 

  • Requirements are defined and a matching drawing template with blocks and attribute fields is created and provided to engineers and/or consultants

  • Engineers/consultants can run self-validation prior to plan submittal and can get an error log and drawing showing non-conformance to the standard

  • Errors and inconsistencies are automatically and consistently flagged before submittal

  • Validation is more than layers and symbols, as it can include attribute values and geometry (snapping and positional checking for example)

  • Validation can either be done in-house or in the cloud via the ACDC portal

  • Plan checkers know what has been checked and can focus more time on more important aspects

  • Checking turn-around time is significantly reduced

  • ACDC validates asset attributes and structures data as “ready to load” into the GIS and Asset Management system with data in the correct predefined format and attribute names

  • Organizations achieve better data quality while also reducing the backlog

  • CAD drawing submittals are checked in seconds and processed to good GIS data in minutes not weeks!


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