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ACDC Desktop 5.1 & Portal 3.0.2 has arrived!

Experience compatibility with AutoCAD 2024 submissions, support for mid/mif import and export, improved processing performance and more in this release.

What is ACDC?

As Constructed Design Certification (ACDC) manages submitted data, validates its quality against organizational and industry standards, and transforms it into geospatial and asset management information which can be automatically loaded into GIS and CMMS/AMS systems with minimum disruption to current workflows.


Define your processes & rules and ACDC will validate all submitted data in a matter of minutes.

Error Signaling

See anything not meeting your organizational or industry standards to easily and quickly correct them to re-submit. Speed up your validation!

GIS-Ready Output

Once validated, import the files created by ACDC directly into your GIS and CMMS/AMS system, knowing it is accurate and verified data.

Improvements/What's New
  • Greater transparency of errors identified during validation

  • Improved graphs displaying errors and warnings

  • Support for the import and export of mid/mif 

  • Identification of classes submitted and those unsubmitted

  • Preview release support for .CZML files on ACDC Desktop 5.1

This release focuses on enhancements to both the Portal and the Desktop application, adding support for the import and export of mid/mif formats. The Portal user interface has been updated to assist the user in identifying the nature of the errors being reported by the validation and clearly distinguish errors from warnings. The validation process has been enhanced to detect if an incorrect template has been used in the submission and clearly defines if there is an issue with an import format. The submission summary has been updated to clearly show the specification classes that have been submitted and those classes not submitted providing users with greater transparency of the data submission

The ACDC engine now supports AutoCAD 2024 submissions and processing performance has been further improved. The Desktop application now includes a preview release of export to .CZML file formats, assisting the user to publish data to 3D platforms. The function combines the geometry with invert-level attribute information to generate a model suitable for the target platforms.

Open Spatial is committed to supplying tools to the asset management and supporting development community to capture accurate data from inception to approval.​

Learn More

For our existing customers looking to upgrade to ACDC Desktop 5.1 or Portal 3.0.2, please contact your consultant directly. For new customers, please use our Contact Us form and we will be in touch with you shortly!

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