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Validation Set Information Sheet


The following A-SPEC released subversion's are included in Open Spatial A-SPEC ACDC Validation set:










ACDC Validation set notes: 


Open Spatial's ACDC Validation Set was built by applying the changes as outlined in the officially published GISSA change-log file 'A-SPEC_Changelog_20190606.pdf'.   

Configuration notes:

  • The ‘Universal File Name’ in section 1.3 of each specification document was used for:

    • The template’s attributed block names

    • The template’s layer names

    • The staging database’s asset table names

  • The ‘Area of work’ attributes were configured into the ACDC common block and  ACDC configurated to distribute these to all assets including the ‘Area of Work’ feature. These attributes are: Sub_Name, Stage_No, Design_Co, Plan_No, Const_Co, Const_Date, Origin, Transfrm, Transf_by.

  • Easting and Northing coordinate values for lines and points are taken from the AutoCAD object location and not required to be captured.  For polygons, they are required to be captured

  • The mandatory rule is enforced in the ACDC rules configuration.

  • Spatial integrity, snapping rules are applied.

  • All line feature’s associated blocks to be snapping to the MID of the line.  This is now incorporated into the Menu file macro and the configuration.  The following are the exceptions and do not have this macro

    • Water service main:  The block should be positioned at the END of the service connection line when drawn in direction of water flow.

    • Sewer and Drainage service mains: The block should be positioned at the START of the service connection line when drawn in direction of flow

  • Note:  The attributes from the blocks can be made visible when it is captured in the drawing by going to the properties of the attributes in the block (using command BEDIT). By default, the location of the attribute is not locked and can be moved by dragging the insertion point of the attribute

Specification specific:

  • Graphic only object layer ‘ASPEC_new_PIPES_TEXT’, is used for the following text asset classes of the spec: S-Spec Gravity pipe Miscellaneous Text, S-Spec Pressure pipe Miscellaneous Text and D-Spec- Pipe Miscellaneous text. The following AutoCAD object attributes Rotation, Justification, Contents and Height are added as columns and populated into the Pipes_text table.

  • B-SPEC:  The graphic only ‘point’ feature HVAC_SYST was added as a normal point feature block with an additional column ‘Description’ that will be automatically populated with value "Large HVAC System"

  • D-SPEC:  The specification contains duplicate ‘Universal file name’ ‘Pipe’ x 2 and ‘Pits’ x 2.  

  • R-SPEC:  A bridge component catalogue spreadsheet (Bridge Components Catalogue.xlsx) is provided for Asset class ‘Bridge/Major Culvert Components Attribute & Validations File Format Instructions’ as part of the documentation  (note the staging DB has a table for storage of this data - RSPEC_BR_CUL_COMP_CAT but is not populated through the ACDC process though)

  • S-SPEC:  The specification contains duplicate ‘Universal file name’ ‘Gravity’ x 2 and ‘Pressure’ x 2. 


  • DWG and DWT format

  • Units set to meters

  • Layer name convention is <SPEC NAME>_new_<ASSET CLASS> indicating this is where the new assets must be draw on.

  • VIEWRES variable set to 10000

  • Attribute order in the blocks are the same as in the standard

  • Block tags for Diameter and Material for Water, Sewer and Drainage mains are set to be visible as examples.

    • A document is provided in the “Documentation” folder to enable the user to change visibility of attributes if a change is required

    • Where defaults listed in specification were not found in lookup codes, defaults were removed.  

    • Where examples listed in specification were not found in lookup codes, they were adjusted where the corresponding code could be deduced or removed where this was not possible.  

    • Colour is used to group specifications together as follows:

      • B-SPEC: Red

      • D-SPEC: Cyan (blue)

      • O-SPEC: Green

      • R-SPEC: Magenta (pink)

      • S-SPEC: Red

      • W-SPEC: Blue


  • Asset class names have been adjusted to ensure only graphic only asset classes have geometry descriptors in brackets e.g. Road Reserve (Polygon), note some asset classes have other descriptors in brackets e.g. Surface (Seal)    

  • Menus are arranged in alphabetic order with linework for asset classes polylines/closed polylines listed before their corresponding block    

  • Now has additional menu item ‘ACDC Portal’ that opens an internet browser window with the ACDC Portal

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